Fellatio Booboos… And What To Do About Them

By Gabrielle Moore

Unlike what you may see in adult-rated movies, sex in real life can actually be awkward and funny. Slipping, fanny farts and sloppy wet noises are ALL part of making love. You can’t escape them. The tick is of course how to deal with these situations; how you convert the seemingly embarrassing situation into one that’s not.

The same goes with oral sex. There are booboos that might occur so it’s up to you guys to deal with it in such a way that it doesn’t completely destroy the sexual charge in the bedroom!

How to Deal with Oral Sex Blunders!

The following items are scenarios that can likely happen during oral sex. They’re not meant to discourage you and your partner with engaging in oral sex at all. They’re meant as a guide to help you guys get over potentially awkward, yet real life situations easily.

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Scenario 1: Your pubic hair gets caught in her teeth. This happens more often than you think. You’re so turned on by the sexual pleasure and she’s so into what she’s doing that unwittingly, a strand of your pubic hair gets caught in her teeth… and gets yanked. Ouch!

The best way to deal with this is of course to laugh it off. Now how to get that hair out? The worst thing she can do is to make a big show out of it by sitting up and trying to get the hair out with her wide open and her fist in her mouth. Instead, she should casually – almost quietly and without drawing attention to it – take the hair out from her mouth and simply wipe the hair on the bed sheet to deal with later.

Scenario 2: Her dentures get ‘dislodged’. Actually, if HE didn’t’ notice it, SHE should simply proceed as if nothing happened. However, the problem here is that often, her instinctive reaction is of course to ‘catch’ the slipping denture with her hand, or worse, by closing her mouth. If this happens, and if she caused you pain, she should remedy the situation by slowly, lovingly licking and caressing the injured spot.

Scenario 3: She ‘accidentally’ bites you. Sometimes women get so turned on by performing fellatio that they get a tad carried away and he can feel her teeth slowly, but firmly, touching his manhood. First of all, if you feel this guys, speak up! Simply touch her hair lovingly – don’t yank because you’re in a panic – and ask her to ease up a bit. Believe me, she will understand.

The same goes if she’s using her nails, have tongue jewelry or even hand jewelry that you feel is too close for comfort. Simply speak up before the ‘accident’ occurs.

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Scenario 4: You let out some ‘gas’. If women are afraid of fanny farts, men get conscious too of letting out gas especially if their women are down there performing fellatio on them. If this does occur, what do you do? Really, the best thing to do is simply pretend like it didn’t happen.

However, if what you released was not pleasant at all, then be a gentleman and stop for awhile. It’s no use for you to go out of the room as the deed was done there. However, what you can do is ask her to stop, pull her up so you guys are face-to-face and get into some deep kissing. This way, the sexual rhythm is not that shattered, yet you save her from suffering down there or worse, give her time to laugh and make fun of you.

Scenario 5: She gags. Some women can be too adventurous and try to bring their man’s manhood all inside her mouth. The problem is, if her mouth really can’t accommodate him, she’ll experience what most people call a ‘gag reflex’ and this is not pleasant – for you and her. The best thing to do is for her to pause as proceeding might only push her to gag further.

However, this does not mean she should stop stimulation of your manhood altogether. She can simply take you out of her mouth and use her hand for a while to stimulate you while she catches her breath.

In the end, a good sense of humor is all it takes to get over these oral sex booboos. The more you focus on them, and the longer you focus on them, the bigger the blunder gets and the more awkward the situation becomes. Don’t let this happen, as this may become a deterrent in engaging in oral sex in the future.

Have a laugh, jot it down as experience, and move on!

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