How to Drive Women Wild in Bed – Tantalizing Tips to Blast Her Into Orgasms With Effortless Ease!

by Lloyd Lester

If you think that giving women an incredible time in bed seems like an impossible thing to do, you are not alone. Statistics have shown that most men are woeful lovers in the sack and that a great number of women can achieve an orgasm only through masturbation and not through intercourse.

Sounds like you are one of those guys among this unfortunate statistic? There is no need to panic. It is not as difficult as you might think to become her “Don Juan in bed”. If you need some quick tips to drive her wild in bed and give her the most incredible orgasmic experience, this article may help you. Keep reading!

The Bosom’s Her Best Friend, And Yours Too!

A woman’s breasts, like her genitals, are her most treasured possession and the gateway to her sexual pleasure. Her breasts are certainly one of the most important areas you should focus on during foreplay. Before you reach for her breasts, make sure you have sufficiently aroused her by gentle touching and caressing other sensual spots on her body.

Be gentle with her breasts as with all the other parts of her body. Massage her breasts in a circular motion using either your fingers, nails or both your palm and fingers. Try to incorporate your tongue without going for her nipples as it is ultra sensitive. Save it for later. By holding back and teasing just a little, you will heighten her sexual anticipation and build her up for a genuine orgasm later.

The Art of Erotic, Sensual Lovemaking Is This…

One of the main ingredients that will make you a great lover is that you enjoy the whole process with her. So, you are probably thinking that you make a great lover since you do enjoy the lovemaking process. But, do you really? Far too many men look at sex as a great way to boost their ego. If you really enjoy having sex, you would want to try to make it last as long as possible for your lady, and not merely enter, thrust, ejaculate and end!

Seriously, lovemaking is a form of delicate art and therefore, you should take your time to master it. It all starts with what a woman thinks is important to her: kissing, touching, involving her feelings etc. Build up her erotic sense first, then everything will become easy for you (yes, even making her climax multiple times!). Do not have the misconception that she has any specific “erogenous zones” because her entire body is in fact ONE large erogenous zone! Do this simple thing right and you will become the Don Juan in her eyes!

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