How to Give Women Mind-Blowing Orgasms During Sex – 2 “Touch & Sizzle” Techniques to Blow Her Mind

by Lloyd Lester

Is your sex life in danger of facing a spell in the dumps? Not literally, but if you are reading this article, I figure you could use some help to improve your sex life.

You have to remember that all women are naturally made capable of reaching an orgasm during sex. You just need to find the best ways to make her let go of her sexual inhibitions. The way you touch your
woman can have an incredible effect on her during sex. This is not rocket science but an easy art that any guy can master.

Here are two “touch and sizzle” tips you can use that will surely prime her for some sizzling, intense orgasms tonight!

Tip #1: “Touch And Sizzle – The Natural Prelude”

Most men make the mistake of getting into fondling and groping mode as soon as lovemaking starts. Don’t make the same error! Instead, try to be natural when you start touching her. Try to hold back and make her long for your touch. Also find new ways and places to touch and arouse her. For instance:

–  Use the back of your fingernails

–  Stroke along the back of her neck (don’t underestimate this
move… it is a powerhouse!)

–  Touch and kiss her back, forearms, the back of her knees and calves

As much as possible, take things slowly. Ironically, this is the fastest way to heighten her sexual anticipation! Don’t make a fool of yourself by rushing things because it isn’t sexy to her at all. For instance, take your time to remove her clothes.

Tip #2: “Touch And Sizzle – An Advanced Permutation”

If you are looking to take her to the next erotic level, do this: lay her face down on the bed. Gentle run your fingertips down her back to her butt and up again. This will slowly but surely get her aroused. You will also notice that the gentle brushing with your fingertips along her neck and the area below the center of her back will activate her senses as these are highly sensitive hot spots. Once you sense that she is aroused, you may start to add soft and gentle kisses to her body, and running your tongue along her spine.

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