How to Have Sex With a Woman

By John Alexander

As the author of a sex guide for men, I often get asked, “How do you have sex?” The guy asking it ranges from someone wanting to know how to have sex for the first time to the frustrated dude wanting to take it to a higher level and learn how to have great sex.

Having bedded literally dozens of women, I have cracked the code on what makes good sex, and I’ve explained it thoroughly I hope.

As a conclusion, I will sum up my Roadmap for Good Sex for you, nice and simply. Get it right, and you and your woman will have more sex and better sex… and she will adore you as the best lover she’s ever had.

The Number One Rule: Don’t Try

Be outcome independent and don’t even think about whether your woman comes or not. Every woman is capable of having an orgasm. But not every time she has sex. And not with every guy.

But that doesn’t matter… women don’t need to orgasm to enjoy sex. When you put your penis into your woman’s vagina, all you’re doing is caressing the inside of her vagina with it. She gets emotional comfort from that.

At the same time, it feels good to you.

Stay focused on the present moment and the awesome sensations you’re feeling through your penis. Think of sex merely as something you do for your own enjoyment and pleasure. Whenever your mind drifts during sex, refocus it on the awesome feelings you’re getting. So stop caring about your “performance.”

That, ironically, is the secret to how to have good love making.

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